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For help and advice contact Sheffield 0114 2859500 or Rotherham 01709 331300

Rescue Options

Company Voluntary Arrangement

Are you worried about the future for your company? A Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) enables your company to deal with its debts and improve its cash flow by coming to an arrangement with its creditors.

Under the terms of a CVA, your creditors agree to accept a certain sum of money in settlement of their debts. The CVA provides a structure for a proportion, or all of the debt, to be repaid over a fixed period of time up to five years. This can be achieved through the realisation of assets, monthly contributions, a third party lump sum, or a combination of these. Crucially, any offer has be affordable and sustainable for the company, whilst also being acceptable to creditors.

A CVA could also be a route back to normal trading for your business if it has previously been placed into administration.

Voluntary Arrangement

Right for your business?

During the period of a CVA your business will continue to trade. Therefore, for a CVA to be successful you will need the co-operation and support of your creditors, your suppliers and your customers. Communications, negotiations and transparency are key. We have lots of experience of helping directors to put forward successful CVAs.

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